The book covers the issues of selection, installation and operation of pumps in a way which ensures their safe, long-term operation with low energy consumption. It presents design of stationary centrifugal pumps intended for use in particular in difficult operating conditions.

It widely discusses pumps’ operating failures and ways of preventing and removing them which makes this book a unique title among professional literature related to pumps in Poland.

The book may be a manual for students (especially majoring in mechanics, energetics, mining and environmental engineering) as well as for persons responsible for operation and diagnostic testing of pumps for industry and public utilities.

The book received a positive review from Prof. Andrzej Błaszczyk, DSc, PHd, head of the Division of Hydromachines and Fluid Mechanics of the Institute of Turbomachinery at the Łódź University of Technology.

The book is available at ZAMEP Sp. z o.o.